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Oranges amaze me. Just look at their nutrition facts label…Here:

160% of the daily allowance of vitamin C! And it’s not injected in there with a syringe, not chemically altered, not genetically spliced. That’s just how oranges are. That’s how God made them. And no fat, no sodium, no cholesterol. Imagine that.

So why bother popping your daily vitamins, which, comprehensive as they may claim to be, will never substitute the real thing because the hard science is such that the human body can absorb the vitamins much better from their natural sources.  A woman found she had a nice stash of them, in her stomach, undigested, when she started having stomach pains and dropped by for a check up. Why eat twinkies fortified with vitamin C when you can just eat an orange?

Yes! The natural world provides the perfect foods that we need – they taste good, they don’t damage your teeth, and they have all of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates…well, nutrients, basically, that humans could ever wish for. In all of our brilliance (and I use that term losely) we haven’t been able to synthetically create anything that comes close. What a great coincidence that nature, in her random way, created just what we need, while we, in our deliberate way, cannot equal that. Nature provides, creates. The catch is, to provide you need a providor. To create, a….yes.

I belive in God. Just thought I’d share.

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