While I am busy reminiscing on the desolate winters of the Midwest, spring is in full swing here in southeast Texas. And spring in the South this is the season for picnicking, exploring, camping, and doing other outdoor activities besides madly dashing through the stifling heat between your car and the nearest building (this we do in the summer).

So, to take full advantage of this fleeting season, a week and a half ago my mama, the kids and I went to Brazos Bend State Park – a great place for alligator sightings. To be specific, there are over 300 American alligators dwelling wildly within the boundaries of the park. In other words – nobody brought them. They just live there – it’s their home, their natural habitat. And so they are given free reign over the lakes, riverways and marshes while we the humans are encouraged to stay on the dirt paths and not approach the seemingly benign beasts. We tried to follow instructions and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon walking around the jungle-like forest, climbing on trees and stumps, sighting adult and baby alligators (and a rosaline spoonbill – that’s the pink bird in one of the photos).

I even managed to take a few pictures along the way. Here they are! Enjoy! (Click on the first pic to get the gallery going.)