He is the kindest person I know

He likes plaid but not argyle

He has made a list of great classical musical compositions – it has 370 entries, each with a name, a composer, and the preferred performance

He is always hungry, usually – ravenous

He rolls up his sleeves above the elbow

He wears converse sneakers

He digs in the trash for a plastic knife, mumbling, “now where did that thing go…”, uninhibited

He has written over 1,000 movie reviews on rotten tomatoes

He hops on a table at work and begins fiddling with a fluorescent bulb embedded in the ceiling, trying to get it to stop flickering

He treats people gently

He likes avocado

He does not like it when people tell him jokes and try to get him to laugh

He takes some things very seriously

He has a contagious laugh

He also has a cat named Vassilii Vassilich

He is thoughtful

He likes to make lists

He shows up with a brace on his lower arm and explains that he was laughing so hard and hitting the table that he sprained his wrist.

He comes to this space often, and will be tickled to find an entry dedicated entirely to him

Today is his birthday – I hope it is a happy one.