So last Friday the apocalyptic snow storm that has been enveloping most of the nation descended on Houston. Or, rather, some people were afraid bits of frozen percipitation would drop on the city and therefore closed the schools, the Johnson Space Center, and most ever other center of human activity in a desperate attempt to keep inexperienced snow and sleet drivers indoors.

So most of Friday we shivered in fear in our apartment, while outside there was NO PRECIPITATION OF ANY KIND. Nor was there anything on the streets save tons of salt cubes. And some crazy Russian EVA specialists who had to sign the protocol that ended two weeks of conferencing with their American space walk counterparts. Since the Space Center and all supporting structures were closed, having bunckered down to weather Houston Armageddon 2011, we ended up signing the protocol in the Russians’ hotel.

Then, on Sunday, the kids and I went for a walk. Below are the pictures.