I have a disregard-bordering-on-disdain of comfort. Let me explain why. It’s a mix of the valid conviction that life isn’t all about being comfortable and that it’s actually healthy to NOT be comfortable most of the time, and a sort of passive-aggressive laissez-faire approach to uncomfortable situations whereby for some near-obscure reason I allow myself to remain comfort-less. That’s about as deep as I want to poke into my psyche. So there’s that complicated relationship I have with the concept of comfort.

Given the above, I have been noticing that my views on comfort sometimes lead to ridiculous, absurd situations that are not warranted by any rational or reasonable belief. These situations, in which I am experiencing a lower-than-normal level of comfort, bring about an overall negativism and heightened level of stress which is not good. This probably happens to you too, you may just not realize it. Example: say, for some reason, you forget to wear socks one day to work. And all day, the slight discomfort of the sole of your shoe sticking to your foot and the cold air breathing on your ankles grates at you, without you consciously noticing it. But by the end of the day, you’re angry and irritable, and you don’t know why. Or: you DO wear socks, but one sock has a hole in it and every few minutes you feel your toe slip out of the hole, and you have to stop, untie the shoe, take the foot out of the shoe and stick the toe back inside the sock, and tie the shoe all over again, and then a few minutes later it happens again. Or worse yet: you get home with your nice, new, clean, hole-less socks, start cleaning up after diner, and step onto a pile of spagetti that is lying on the carpeted floor and you experience EXTREME AGONY because YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY SPAGETTI FEELS WHEN IT SQUISHES INTO YOUR SOCK AND INTO THE CARPET UNDER YOUR FOOT!!!!!

But I digress.

Another good example of small comforts which bring big results is illustrated by the art of feng shui. I can’t claim to know anything about the art, except for the vague notion that one of its goals is to arrange the furniture in one’s house in such a manner that it doesn’t get in the way of your living. So like you’d get rid of the useless table that you always bruise yourself on trying to walk around it, and place the chairs out of your usual translation path so that you don’t have to move stuff every time you try to get to your bathroom. Basically the point is to eliminate those little irritation points which add up over the duration of the day to create an irritated, frazzled and upset tennant.

All of this I say by way of introducing my main thesis: it’s time for me to get rid of some of those small discomforts in life. Maybe it’s time for you to do that too. Let’s make a list! What are some things I could upgrade on?

  • I should invest in some socks
  • Get a second cell phone (one cell phone for a family of four just won’t do, as anyone ever trying to get a hold of me or my husband will confirm)
  • Get a plastic covering to put over the carpet in the dining area
  • Get a hair clip
  • Get internet at home
  • I think I need new shoes too: two pairs give me blisters (especially when I don’t wear socks), the third pair has sticky soles
  • I should also upgrade on sleep: quality AND quantity

Last but not least, I could use a softer pillow for all of that extra sleep. Yes, a fluffier, less pancake-like pillow will do just fine.