Denver at dusk...

Over the weekend I flew to San Diego to pick up Vierra, who’s been staying with my parents for the last few weeks. I got there Saturday evening, and was back in Houston late Monday night. So it was a short trip, only about 48 hours, but quite productive.

In these 48 hours I got to:

– Have dinner with the grandparents
– Go out for coffee with the siblings
– Learn about ISO and exposure and lenses and depth of field (it’s starting to sink in, slowly. Still, there are so many variables and so many ways in which they interact, and it’s tricky learning theory and practice at the same time…)
– Take lots of pictures
– Get a good start on Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, Revised and Expanded Edition
– Make apple and raisin strudel for Dad’s birthday
– Eat it
– Celebrate Dad’s birthday with most of the immediate family present (except for youngest sibling Alyosha, who went to a friend’s b-day party instead, loser…)
– Play baseball indoors, sort of
– Read more Lolita – Mom won’t let me take it with me, so I read a bit every time I visit…
– Find, peruse and steal this great book on Brueghel, colored prints, commentary, and everything (Mom hesitantly allowed me to take this one…)
– Stroll with the Lizard and Vierra along the beach in La Jolla
– Meet up with an old college friend for tacos
– Talk about Important Things with my sister (Liza)
– Talk about Other Important Things with my Other old friend from college
– Pick blood oranges and tangerines from the parents’ citrus trees
– Watch Whose Line Is It Anyway with both siblings, laugh a lot
– Eat lasagna
– Deliver the rough draft of Grandpa’s compilation of poetry that I have been sluggishly working on / typing / compiling for the last two years
– SLEEP! Yes! And sleep some more. Like through an entire night, without anyone waking me up. Ah, bliss…
– Talk tilapia and watercress with Dad

Here are some of the better pics from those 48 hours, all done by me except for the one of me and of Alyosha, and the black and white “Laugh…” done by Liza of Juniper Spring Photography.

The true photographer

This is I, after the flight and the dinner, feigning wakefulness in the coffee shop

Alyosha - feigning curiosity

Camera play

Laugh - it's good for you.


Girlie run

Sand piper


Flight of the bumblebee


Orange blossom


Oh…and on our way to the airport, learn how to crochet (compliments of the Lizard)

and I crocheted Vierra a hat on the airplane flight back...