As usual, I fell slowly behind and am trying to finish this Seven days of San Diego (now Six days…) while already back in Houston. Since this was my first trip there with my new camera, I took an inordinate amount of pictures. Below are some of my favorite shots, in a more-or-less chronological order. Enjoy!

Blood oranges in parents' garden

At the Torrey Pines beach


Ah the joy of sand...


Vierra and Papa testing out the new drum set



More Joy and Faith (Vierra)

Lady in pink

At Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Not so soft and squishy...

Wondering stars...


Vierra, Papa, Mama - in action.

Why yes, they are... (camels)

One of my closest friends, May, and I

Kisses under the Christmas Tree

Dominoes at my grandparents'

My very own sibling, Alyosha

Picture credit: Mama

At last.


Curious shadows...Mama and I.


I put this painting of mine last because it was meant to represent our family, when it was the five of us living in our parents’ home in San Diego. Here it is a symbol of what’s most important to me, and what I so enjoyed on this trip: the Fam, of course.