What if you knew how to build that hot turquoise upholstered swivel chair you’ve been dreaming about? What if you learned how to do it? What if you could not sit still for more than five minutes because you had too many ideas? A woman in motion, remains in motion, and you as a parent have developed the inability to focus on anything for more than several minutes at a time as a defense mechanism. Otherwise, the incessant interruptions would drive you mad.

But what if, say, you wanted to learn how to make chocolate? Or how to frame a painting? Or how to bind books? It’s curious how we don’t realize that everything around us, from the food we eat to the trinkets we covet, is made by people; people just like us. Which means, we can make this stuff too!

Yes, even you. You can sew your clothes, if you want, you can make paper and work on calligraphy, you can learn how to take apart a transmission and do your own oil fill.

So what if you were to tear those “I’d rather be…” stickers off your bumper, and do those things you’d rather be doing? Dare you? Dare I?

Because no matter how much we’d all “rather be” somewhere else, we really only have today. No matter what happened yesterday, nor what you plan for tomorrow, you’re always stuck in today. There’s no other day to do it. So, my mantra has become, “If it doesn’t get done today, it will never get done.”

Today is my birthday. It is always a special day, and I am excited to call this Monday the 13th mine. I was born on a Monday too. When I came to the States and learned about Friday the 13th, I felt a bit relieved that at least I wasn’t born on that day/date combination. Turns out, in Russia Monday is considered unlucky. But my Mama lovingly says that for her, it proved a very lucky day indeed. I would have to concur. I mention my birthday because it is a good occasion to try something new.

Like, for example, to introduce my new blog that I am launching today. It will be focusing on the ins and outs of trying to live life deliberately, parenting thoughtfully while working insanely, and finding joy in the little things. It’s called Carpe Diem Dame, for the obvious reasons that I am writing about seizing the day, and I am a female. I plan to post there daily, while leaving this blog as is, dedicated to all of the more sublime thoughts that I want to share with you. Yes, you speficially. Sometimes the posts will be the same. Most of the time, they will be different. Please stop by there often – I promise to put up better pictures. I recently got an AWESOME CAMERA, so eventually I will get AWESOME at taking pictures with it.

I hope Diem Dame will be a place where we can all share our thoughts and ideas on the practical aspects of living life intentionally.