Some people may feel out of their comfort zone when they are sleeping behind a mere millimeter of nylon protecting them from Mother Nature, torrential rains, armadillo, spiders and buzzards. Some may feel their limits stretched when they are forced to pick up any creature that has more than four legs. Or when they move to a place halfway around the world without knowing anyone there. Or when they have to go 24 hours without showering (heaven forbid!) or several days in the same pair of pants…Some feel uncomfortable speaking in front large crowds of people, or writing about very personal things, or trying new foods or making a fool of themselves in public.

Not me. This does not scare me (case in point).

But in less than a week I will put on high heeled shoes, wriggle into a slinky dress, “do” my hair, paint my face and possibly even locate a hand-bag. I will be in a jovial mood, laughing loudly and giggling and sauntering around on my heels, throwing my hands in the air, yelling something incongruous over the thudding music, telling people NO THANK YOU I DON’T WANT TO DANCE WITH YOU (and hopefully nothing else). Yes. I will be completely and utterly out of my comfort zone because I am going to my very first bachelorette party. I am more than a little scared.

Pick your poison!

Granted, two days after that my sibling will be making the biggest commitment of her life, and it is a bit absurd to fret (her word) over my little insignificant comfort zone given the scope of the main event. But I know for a fact that the wedding itself will go fine. And sibling: you’re gonna have an awesome adventure of a life with Seanster. He loves you and he’s willing to work with you, to have fun with you and to try and understand you, and that’s saying a lot. And you love him so just don’t forget that in the midst of all of those vanities upon vanities, and you’ll be fine.

I, on the other hand, may have issues. Ok, so I can handle heeled shoes. And I can do “dress up”. Not so sure about the make-up…someone will have to help me there. I can even do my hair pretty and be genuinely excited (because I am!). But to generate enough kinetic energy to squeal and be loud and to dance in the high-heeled shoes (which is quite uncomfortable) while trying and failing to carry on a conversation….THAT I am not sure of.

It’s just hard to imagine, sitting here peacefully in front of my computer, puttering away in my scarf and drinking my hot tea, that I will be able to so transform myself. And even more, to leave self-consciousness and the observant social scientist in me at the door to the dance club, next to the bouncer.

But fear not, sibling, I will pull myself together and be the quintessence of Girl’s Night Out party fun!, just for you. And I will even enjoy myself. Genuinely.