Her name is RYOBI. Mavis Ryobi. She is my very first power tool.

This makes her special already. But wait, there is more. Mavis is an electric sander. She has a 2.0 amp ball-bearing motor and is able to do 14,000 orbits per minute. There is a nifty dust collection bag which sucks the dust/paint/other material that you are sanding in through pores in the sand paper, so that you don’t have air debris filling your lungs with asbestos. And, of course, there is a GripZone overmold for that extra special, comfortable grip.

Ain't she a bute?

I plan to use Mavis to sand two small end tables that I recently purchased with plans to recreate them into matching chess tables. The plan is to use natural materials such as aspen bark and/or leaves to build the flat chess board on the table tops. Once I sand off the white paint and get a better idea of what the wood of the tables looks like, I may use that wood, varnished, as one of the shades for the board. It’s kind of hard to explain without visuals, but once I find my camera chord, I will be able to take pictures of my progress….which I will be making once I buy special eye-protection goggles that I have to wear whilst sanding. Yeah. Lots of planning and “onces”, but it will happen, mark my word!

If I manage not to inadvertently whittle my fingers into calcium toothpicks, this should be just the first of many power tool purchases in the months and years to come. All sorts of excited here.