So in the true spirit of hubris, I am (slightly) behind. Let us imagine that Day 1 of the WoProComp was yesterday, Monday, and I am reporting on it today, Tuesday (which is normal, right?), and all will be well with the world once again.

P R O J E C T T E R M I N A T I O N C O M P L E T E.

My first project to be completed was the planting of several flowers/plants. I had bought the pots weeks ago, and have been putting off the purchasing of said plants and planting them since then. Well, I am proud to say, this project has been annihilated. Rather, terminated. Asta la vista, baby!




After - basking in the sun.

Overall score: B+. Although I am quite satisfied with the general outcome, I am not particularly fond of the coloration of the two pots that I painted (can you guess which ones?) Problem is, I could not leave them just their plasticy terra-cotta grey, but once I started painting them, I knew I had to finish. Work was coming quickly upon me, the succulents still needed to be planted, and so I rushed to get done. Maybe I’ll repaint them later. Maybe.