Lettin’ It Go

I am letting it go.
As I lean on the bridge
On the cliff, on the ridge
I am letting it go and I’m watching it
Spiral to the waters below
And I’m watching it shoot to the sky
And I’m hearing it
Hearing me cry.
And I’m seeing the red
On its wings, on the shards
Where I bled, where I bled
And I’m seeing the red
As I’m letting it go
To the waters.

You just take it
You take it from me
I surrender the rage
And I do disengage
And I’m watching it hurl itself
Into the void
And the void shrieks in shock
And the light fears the dark
But it’s no longer mine
Let it go.

And I give you the pain
Take it all – it is yours
And this frail grieving heart
And the wings that are shed
And my hopes in a jar
And the wine, and the bread
All is yours.

I’m letting it go
Like you said, come to me
Like you told me, I’m letting it go.
Let it go, let it go,
Take the ball, and the chain,
And my wings, and my faith,
And my life, and my fall
It is yours anyway
Take it all.