Well the time has come to reveal that I am not just a wall-climbing, space-(in-my-dreams)-flying, word-sputtering, philosophizing, poetry-writing Yar.

Recently I (nearly almost totally) completed the renovation and resuscitation of a hand-me-down IKEA TV stand. But I am getting ahead of myself. This tale should start with…

Once upon a time. I was scouring through the book section in the local Dollar Tree, and came upon this great find: Painting Flea Market Furniture by Kathryn Elliott. Picking up a couple of copies, for good measure, I headed home and became utterly consumed by this little treasure. The premise is very simple: buy quality but beaten/weathered/needing small repairs furniture at thrift stores and flea markets, and bring it back to life. Each page or two in the book is dedicated to a project that Ms.Elliott herself undertook, with the results simply phenomenal. The end product looks like creative, high-end furniture, and only by reading the “How-To” do you begin to see the transformation that took place. It’s like magic. I hadn’t been this excited about a book since BCC (Before Children Came).

So back to the TV stand. It was a black-top TV stand, very ordinary and unexciting. I wanted to get a globe trotter theme going, since I like (dream about) travel, love maps and other Old World traveling paraphernalia. So here it is, in all of its splendor.

Ta da! (The drawings are also mine - will show them in detail later)

I am particularly loving the little fishies along the top and bottom of each board.

One of the fishies is smiling 🙂

Honestly though I prefer to think of it as a plant stand, or a place where one would showcase their travel knickknacks or their handy compass and astrolabe. A globe topping it off, instead of the schooner, would look lovely as well.

Also great for displaying your coin collection in style...

Oh, and I’m selling it on etsy.com/shop/permacultra
So feel free to buy it 🙂 I can even sign it for you. Greatfully.

Sail away!