On an average day (or right now), the following can run through my head in a time span of 30 seconds:

– When is blueberry picking season? Isn’t it end of May? Isn’t this end of May? Must go pick blueberries – must find pick-yourself farm. Put it on my to-do list.
– Send in overdue student loan payment
– The catfish snippets should be frozen to use later in the week, the ground beef can be used today to make hedgehogs (Russian dish with ground beef and rice rolled up into balls a la hedgehog), and the chicken will hold in the fridge till tomorrow
– Call Michaelle and ask when she’s coming to New Orleans….Road trip, anyone?
– Get new tires on the car to make the road-trip possible or rent a car
– For those two side tables I bought a chess design would be perfect. You can paint the chess board in the middle and do a Mediterranean wine/grape vine/old world design around the edges. Would go well with the paint crackling technique or could try the decoupaging 3D trick on table base.
– Painting Munchkin’s magazine holder? Pink paint loaded, must find the time and two waste-able shirts for the kidders to wear during the process
– Must utilize portabella mushrooms – they won’t last another day. Soup with lentils, mushrooms, fresh dill and dilapidated squash. Add some dill pickle marinade for good measure. It cannot fail. I am the Lean Mean Food Utilization Machine!!! Yes!
– Email Penasquitos Library manager and ask if she wants me to do another concert in July
– Plan a blueberry picking trip with the kidders…when is blueberry picking season? Isn’t it in late May? Isn’t that now?

And so the whirlwind flies. Somebody save me from my brain!!! Rescue me from the madness. Please. (Note to self: post this so as to make said rescue a possibility).