off the New York Times website.

Please indulge me in a bit of political jawing.

Why are the pictures of the executioners of terrorist acts always posted across multiple media outlets for days on end after a crime has been purpotrated? Never mind this last case with the amateur-made bomb planted in Times Square, (Note: I will not use any names or pictures in this post because that would defeat the purpose of it), with the accused individual’s grinning, genuinely jolly face plastered across the New York Times for several days after the crime was committed.

Recall the previous situation, where female suicide bombers blew themselves up, taking dozens of victims, in two Moscow metro stations a month or so ago. That photograph of the young woman (barely a woman) with her husband, brandishing firearms, was actually captivating. I was mezmerized by it. Honestly. It was like the video cover for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or the Professional, or some other assasin movie where the killers are the heros. So if this was the effect on me, who is, of course, appalled by the murders and distraught by the trend observed (being from Russia myself), how may it affect the “freedom fighters” who are the candidates for the next similar act? Imagine it: you’re a young woman, your husband has just been killed during his struggle for his people’s freedom (many of whom are), and then you see how heroic the last young woman looked (before she blew herself up, that is). Her picture with her husband all over the front pages of major news sources world wide! Her message is heard loud and clear, and after her death the whole world knows who she was and what she stood for. This is infamy for some, fame and glory for others.

If you don’t want these people to be seen as heros by kindred spirits, why talk so much about them?

While on the subject, when a terrorist act occurs, why are the media sources always so eager to reveal which terrorist organization takes responsibility? Are we all stupid?! Look: what is terrorism? The use of coersion and terror to achieve a political goal. Each organization has an agenda, which they’re trying to further by these acts. So, when a terrorist act occurs, it becomes a useful tool for the group ONLY IF EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THIS PARTICULAR GROUP STANDS BEHIND IT!!! And what does the media do? Here – let’s tell the world who is behind each act, thereby inadvertedly (I’ll grant them that) helping the terrorists realize their very goal. Two words: free publicity.

Free Publicity

Here’s what I propose. Imagine if you will: the bombing occurs, everything is reported as usual, except instead of filling up our ears with whodunit, the media outlets just report “the authorities know the source of the crime, and are taking appropriate measures”. Quite a dud for the terrorist group, no? Or if it’s a single person – no picture, no name, no glory. Dying is one thing, but dying with no recognition, no publicity, and no furthering of the message/goal for yourself or your organization isn’t all that attractive.

Or am I missing something here?